Road Trip--Surfin' Surfari

The second part of my epic road trip involved my secret passion for surf music!  The Surf Coasters from Japan were celebrating 20 years as a group with a brief US tour...  first Las Vegas, then Orange County.  Since I had recorded their previous two gigs at the infamous Double Down in Vegas, I just had to recorded this latest event.

An added treat was the appearance of the Boss Martians, newly reformed.  And what an evening!  The crowd went wild!

The next day it was off to Orange County for the Surf Guitar 101 convention, and another reunion with surf music fans from all over the world, some I've known for 20 years or more.

12 hours of surf music!  I left with my brain reverberating (literally!) and hopped on a fresh horse (I drove the wheels off the Cadillac, again literally, and had to trade in the rental) for the trip back home.  Two weeks on the road, many adventures, many friends, a good time.

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