Road Trip--The West is the Best

I've previously blogged a bit about my return trip from Illinois, through Nebraska via two lane highways.  Quite an adventure, hampered only by some anxiety about how much distance I could cover (plenty as it turns out) and lodging in small towns (mixed).

But once I got into Colorado, and closed in on the Rockies, things changed.  The sky was bluer (lack of humidity?) , the air purer... my spirits soared...  at least until the drenching thunderstorms attacked me in the middle of serious road construction!

I enjoy the mountains, but I'm a bit of a desert rat, and since I wasn't headed directly home, I got to cross the San Rafael Reef.

The most amazing stretch of Interstate in the country!

And headed for Vegas, I had time for a side trip into the Kolob area of Zion National Park (thank you lifetime Golden Eagle Pass).

The West IS the best...

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