San Rafael Spring

Due to a wet and cool month of May, desert trips have been limited.  But we did get to spend a couple days at our favorite secluded camping site.  All our favorite features were still there (of course) offering some wonderful scenic beauty along with the quiet solitude only found in the desert.

A nice breeze kept the bugs off us as we enjoyed the twilight.

The next day we drove down to the end of the Mexican Mountain road to begin a hike into the canyons surrounding the mountain.  On the way, we found some cactus blooming.

On our hike, we found an interesting side canyon.  Somewhere down in that area is an arch, so we headed up the canyon in hopes of finding it.  Didn't happen, but the canyon was wonderful anyway.

One loud shout from me and our intrepid photographer was buried beneath tons of red rock.  I'll look for him next year.  Here's a lower rez final shot from the world's greatest photographer.

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