Big Euro Trip More Musee' Edition

The Musee des Confluences is maybe my favorite building in the world. How did they construct this edifice?  And I can't even begin to describe the interior.  Just fabulous.  Anyway, here are a bunch of pics of the building as we floated by on our river cruise.

Since it's at the confluence of the two rivers forming the central part of Lyon, I thought a pic of the actual point would be fun.

The tracks are from the old rail yards formerly in this part of Lyon.  The grounds surrounding the museum are wonderful and allow views of the city.  Also, the river cruise provided a new perspective.
Here's another shot of the actual confluence, a pic looking back at a bridge crossing the Rhone with Fouviere in the distance, and a final goodbye to the museum and Lyon as we headed down the river to Vienne.

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