Big Euro Trip--Continued

We woke up the next morning in the pretty village of Tournon--Tarascon (depending on which side of the river you are on).  Across the river we could see the oldest vineyards in France, along with the beautiful walking bridge designed an historic architect (whose info I've lost).  There used to be a vehicle bridge here as well, but it was too low for modern boats so had to be removed.

During the walking tour, we saw an old castle overlooking the town.

Our guide pointed out that the eaves on the older buildings in town indicated past wealth.  The more scallop layers on the eaves, the wealthier the former occupants.  One finds this detail in most older villages in France.

After the village, we were bused for a ride on the Tournon steam train for an excursion up one of the beautiful, narrow gorges of the Ardeche region of France.

I got a few pics of the gorge along with an ancient viaduct.

At the top of the gorge was a great old hotel, train stop.

The train itself is maintained to it's historical significance, as illustrated by the engine, and, especially by its toilet!

Ah, the French...  such wonderful detail on most everything in everyday life.

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