Big European Trip--Cruise Wrap Up

Our last stop on our river cruise was Avignon, former home of the Popes.  The central part of the city is walled and has quite a history.

Sometime in past history, the Catholic Popes had their residence here, I guess before relocating to the Vatican in Rome.  So we got the tour.

I wasn't that impressed, but the girls found a new boyfriend.

The best part of this palace was in the kitchen, I was fascinated by this immense chimney, I suspect for venting cooking fires.

Since we docked near the famous Avignon bridge, many people began breaking out in song.  I guess I'm culturally deprived, because I had no idea what they were singing.  But apparently the song is quite popular.  So I went exploring. 

I found a display that allowed you to hear the "famous" song in multiple styles:  folk, rock, country, reggae(!), and others.  Weird, but then I guess I've missed out somehow.  But the view of the Pope's Palace from the bridge was quite spectacular.

That was it for the cruise.  The next morning it was off on a 100Euro taxi ride to the Marseille airport for a flight to Schipol airport in Amsterdam.  Thanks to Lori and Jim for joining us on the cruise, and thanks to our new Canadian friends Steve and Judy (Lucy) for their company.

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