Big Euro Trip--Dutch Adventure

God, I'm dragging this out...  I need to get off my butt and finish, please.

Anyway, at the end of our trip, we spent a few days in the Netherlands with Agnes and Nico (thanks so much for your time and efforts). 

We visited the Hague to check out the Girl with the Pearl Earring, which didn't do much for me at first, but I kept returning to it over and over.  There's something about seeing famous paintings live, versus posters or in books, that make a greater impression than the copies.

But my favorite part of the Hague was a huge mall within the central part of town, and all the modern Deco features, even railings to the subway and garbage cans.

 The Hague is certainly a real city, I wish we could have spent more time exploring.

But we were off to Delft, not so much for pottery (it's everywhere in Delft), but to visit a college friend and wander around.  A great old church...

The next day it was off to a famous castle and grounds... the Kasteel de Haar.  It's been in many movies and is quite the experience, beyond pictures...  check out the web site for a much better description.  (and such a lovely couple visited the castle)

On our last day, we visited Zandvoort, famous for it's race track and beach city atmosphere.  We didn't make it to the race track, since it was late in the day, but we had a wonderful dinner on the beach, at sunset, on the last day of the season.  And I want to stay in this hotel (the Palace) when I come for race season (I hope!).

So that was it...  except at least one more future post with many exciting pictures of strange and wonderful things we discovered.  Stay tuned...

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