Road Trip Pt. 2--Two-Lane Blacktop

Two lane blacktop certainly defined the next part of my journey.  Leaving McCook, I headed due south on US 83 into Kansas and the junction with US 36.  (By the way, if you haven't seen the movie,  Two Lane Blacktop,  check it out...  the great existentialist American movie of all time).  Wonderful road with rolling hills through agricultural Nebraska and Kansas...  an easy stroll in the early morning light).  Thankfully I had slowed before encountering the county sheriff!

Hitting US 36, I continued across northern Kansas.  Again, a very easy drive.  And somewhat cooler (Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas had hit 95 degrees the day before).  Sure, there were some grain trucks and a few farm vehicles, but with generally light traffic, no problems with travel.  I sure enjoy two lane highways these days.   And they are all in excellent condition, well maintained for all the agricultural traffic in this part of the country.

And how else are you going to find the center of the country?

And the home of the black squirrel?

Finally, in late afternoon, after crossing into Missouri, I finally tired of two lane travel, hit the Interstate north to Des Moines and a Holiday Inn, and planned a direct stint to Illinois to end this part  of the journey.  Again, stay tuned for Illinois adventures.

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