Hula Hoops

So I thought that hula hoops and the craze was dead and buried. So be it... old footage of that era and fad look soooooo dated. A very silly activity. But now, hoops are back! Called hooping these days, and I guess a big deal in some areas. Their are hoopers associated with Mermen concerts. Oh, please, just go away!

Well, not so fast. So I head down to the Double Down Saloon in Vegas for the Surf Coasters gig. Japanese surf music! Actually, these guys are so good, it's amazing. So the opening act is Thee Swank Bastards. And their friend. Guess I could get into this hooping thing.

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Utah Savage said...

Oh you men are so easy to please. Tits and ass are always a crowd pleaser if the crowd is mostly male.