Burn After Reading

OK, the Coen Bros., so I gotta see it. Lots of reviews read, mostly negative. My feeling? Great movie... Most of the acting is good to great, particularly Maklovich and Swinton. Brad Pitt didn't quite do it for me, unexpectly since his role get most of the press, but he was still fun. Yes, all the characters are despicable in some way or another, or maybe completely. And the story line is really bullshit, but then that's the point of the movie, it's all bullshit. Every ingredient in that flick is bullshit. The Coen Bros. throwing one off for fun, and their general take on life.

But the best part of the movie is the music for the closing credits. I'm amazed no one has mentioned this in any review. The tune is from the Fugs!!! "fuckin' A man, CIA man..." Five Stars for this element alone. The Fugs tune really ties the movie together...

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Utah Savage said...

Nick and I liked it too. It was my choice to see it, but Nick agreed, despite the lukewarm reviews in SLC. I loved all the performances. Great ensemble cast. Big stars playing their eccentric and not so staring rolls like the acting luminaries they are.