The Great Willis Clow CD

The Willis Clow CD is now out and available on CD Baby.  Some great, great guitar based jazz (although he would claim it to be rock).  I think this stuff is part of the new fusion, since it involves some country, some rock, some jazz, and is somewhat hard core in it's approach.  But that defines the new fusion.  Fusion's gotten a bad name over the years, a musical style associated with jazz that became very stereotyped, if not linked to "smooth jazz" (I want to hurl, here...).  But something is going on these days, I think it relates to today's musicians having a greater depth into all forms of music, as well as strong technical skills well beyond a specific musical niche.

So, I call the Willis Clow CD the new hardcore jazz fusion.  Fuck it, all labels are ambiguous anyway.  Just go buy this thing,  It's good.  (there's samples on the CD Baby site).  Hell, buy two or three...  we gotta pay off his student loans for the USC Masters degree!

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