BLT Party

Home grown tomatoes... God's gift to humankind. A true wonder of the world. And damn good eatin'! I rarely buy a store tomato, just wait for late summer/early fall when the crop comes in. And, to celebrate the harvest, it's traditional to hold a BLT party! No better way to enjoy a fresh, garden tomato than in a BLT, especially with good bacon, extra sourdough bread, a slathering of mayo, romaine lettuce, and, hopefully, some of Jane's great pesto.

First, the garden. Farina hosted this year's party, and she was one of the few to have a good crop of tomatoes. She has a fabulous garden, all watched over by the cactus shark.

The tedious part of a BLT party is the bacon... takes a while to cook and is always messy. We had some enthusiastic cooks this year.

And, of course, there's some drinking involved... let's see, tequila or coke... tequila or coke... tequila or coke.. Azul is yummy!

And a few other beverages... nice sheer, by the way!

So we ate and drank and laughed...

The weather continues to stay mild to hot... hopefully we will get another run of tomatoes... and more BLTs, and more beer, and more party, party, party!

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