SLAJO Lives!

...and is reborn with many new members. For more than 7 years, the Salt Lake Alternative Jazz Orchestra has played advanced big band jazz in this area. Amazing, holding together a 14 piece group that long. I guess having a large pool of excellent jazz musicians available has made it possible. Most original members have moved on (a few have returned). Recently, the founder, Dave Chisholm, left for grad school, and several other significant members left the band. But last weekend, for the finale of the Hidden Hollow series, SLAJO was once again at full force, with a host of young jazz blood.

Joe Chisholm on trombone anchors that section and has been the principle organizer/leader of the band for the past few years. Moanin' Marco Blackmore is back and keeping the sax section cookin'. Will Lovell remains as always (mostly) on bass. From there, nearly everyone else is new. So new, I didn't get all the names. They play well, have good chops, but the newer guys are still somewhat timid in their soloing. I'm sure we will hear great things from them. New gigs were announced, so hopefully the band will continue well into the future. Check out the band on their web page... and download the tunes from the HH performance.

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