I lost two old friends this summer, both to car crashes. I've posted previous about Wayne Christiansen, the great jazz pianist. Click on the link to revisit that post. I recorded the music played at his tribute, and now offer a couple tunes from that night. The musicians on the tunes include Herschel Bullen on soprano sax, Dan Waldis on keyboards, Mike Miller on guitar, Steve Allred on pedal steel, Harold Carr on bass, and Kenny Brienholdt on drums.

My Foolish Heart
Harlem Nocturne/Summertime

More recently, I learned that Tom Gardner died in a car crash. He and I go way back, both graduating together in Anthro, both hanging at the old Camelot swilling beers, sampling herb, and discussing Marvin Harris long into the night. Techno-economic/environmental determinism! Changed my life... really... We followed that up with a year of the Revolutionary Printing Collective, during the turbulent anti-Viet Nam War days.

Tom moved on, getting a graduate degree in landscape architecture, working with his father's firm down in Cedar City, and eventually building a sheep business out of Paragonah. He was famous for his solar heated sheep pens. He married Ellen who became a doc in Cedar City. We were always welcome to their historic home, whether they were home or not. Always beers in the fridge. And then there was the infamous New Year's Eve party... Blast the Gates of '78! How did anyone survive?

I last saw him about 5 years ago. He was up to SLC to find help for a very sick dog. He dropped into the 11th Ave house, walked over to the fridge, grabbed a beer, and we caught up a bit. Then he was off... his life took him to an additional ranch in Nevada, and my life went into a new relationship.

Several road trips down I-15 brought me past Paragonah, I kept thinking I should drop in, but never took the time... I sure feel bad about that decision now. He was a great guy, he will be missed...

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Rod said...

Wonderful pic of Tom. Despite the silver beard, one can still clearly see his youthful enthusiasm for Life. He will be missed. Greatly.