NAMM 2011 2nd Post

So we went back on Friday, tried to get to NAMM at the opening. Sometimes you have an hour before the madness hits full stride. I was looking for mics for my studio, and had some great conversations with reps from Audix, Shure, and CAD. Here I am at the CAD booth...

And after all my stupid questions, I'm sure the rep felt like this...

Anyway, I'd hoped to take more pics, especially of the bizarre folds who show up: full-on punks, metal heads, over-the-hill rockers, babes of all sorts, but I was overwhelmed. I managed to find some peace and solace at the concerts on the main lobby stage.

Yep, this is the ultimate NAMM madness... tons of gear on stage but the performers are video'd in! We may go back on Sunday for a bit, see if we can get some deals on gear.

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