Travels With Lacey--Wine Country

We had some time before we were due in Santa Barbara, so we decided to drive inland over the hills to Paso Robles.  Willis had said the area was famous for its Zin, definitely something to check out.

The drive through the hills was quite pleasant, but things were very dry...  Then we found a collection of one of my favorite things...  old trucks!

We arrived in Paso Robles and enjoyed a walk around the center of town and the little old ladies who ran a town museum in the old library.  Then we went exploring the area.  Lacey dropped me off at the airport where there was a car museum and a airplane museum...  then went off shopping!

The car museum displayed a collection of cars owned by a local entrepreneur...  He had one big surprise for me...  a gullwing Mercedes 300!  What a rare find...

Besides owning everything else in town, this guy also had a winery...  with deliveries formerly done with an REO Speedwagon!

The War Birds Museum had a collection of old jet fighters, kinda worn out, but they were trying to restore them.  My favorite plane was the old DC-3 gooneybird...

Lacey picked me up and we decided it was time to do the obligatory winery visit.  Close by was a fine establishment with patient help (the place was yet to get busy).  We sampled til we got a good buzz, then bought everything in sight!  We retired to their outdoor plaza for a bit of lunch and a search for a good motel.  Amazingly, using an old ID which I won't reveal at this time, we scored an incredible deal at the finest place in town.  Besides a fine room and beautiful grounds, it had its own weather station (I never found the "rock").

 Since we were back in the center of town, we could walk to a restaurant and hit a winery store front on the way.  Again, getting a buzz, we bought up the place, then was directed out the back door to an alley where we found one of those "organic" places" and had an incredible meal.  Just check out this appetizer, think we didn't order that up right now?

"Braised Lentil Tacos, Ginger-Carrot Puree, Candied Jalapenos, Cashews & Coconut, Watermelon, Cilantro"

Again, incredible.

The next day was off to Santa Barbara, where we drank up all the wine we bought and had another great meal dished up by Chef Rob.  And then finally back to Orange County.

Final pic...  this little guy was so cute...

That ends Travels With Lacey...  a fine, fine adventure...

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