The Great Euro Trip of 2022 Pt. 12

 More Bordeaux...  The Place des Quinconces is the most famous site in Bordeaux.  It has quite the history, I'll refer you to Wikipedia for a lengthy explanation.  An amazing monument with sturdy steeds, healthy hunks, and bodacious ta-tas.

I'd read an article about how Bordeaux was coming to terms with its past as a slave trade center.  Rather than tear down all references and abolishing significant mentions of people and places, Bordeaux has chosen to add information and more monuments that shed light on the involvement in the trade.  Streets named for historical figures now have additional plagues explaining the individual's participation.

In addition, there's now a statue dedicated to one noted individual that stands as a monument to the tragedy of slavery: Marthe Adelaide Modeste Testas.

From Bordeaux, we flew to Schiphol outside Amsterdam to meet some local friends who would extend our vacation.

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