The Great Euro Trip of 2022 Pt. 14

 As our time in Europe was ending, we did have one more adventure.  I've always wanted to return to Zandvoort, a beach community on the North Sea, and visit the world famous race track (home to the Dutch Grand Prix).  Cold and windy, but the view was great.

Our hotel (NH chain, great free breakfast) was across from the track.  I hadn't expected any racing action, but as luck would have it, there were practice sessions for the big race the next day.  

Again, it was cold and windy, so not much turnout.  But this was fine with me, since we were able to wander all over and check out the cars in prep.

And a banged up Miata...


The cold did get to us, but we found a lounge above the pits to relax and, well, check our phones...

Then it was off to find a COVID test center before flying home.  A fantastic two weeks.  But before ending all these Euro pics, I'll have more "very interesting" shots to post next.

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