The Black Box... Another View

We took one path down to the Black Box, but found a sudden and deep drop off. End of the line, it seemed. However, we did notice sort of a shelf, just below us, that seemed to follow the canyon both directions. We found a way down to this shelf, then proceeded to follow the river, scrambling over rocks, almost to its resurfacing at Mexican Mt. In the meantime, some shots of the river deep in the black Black Box. (do I have to remind you... click on the pics for a larger image). The river was high, but I bet in a couple weeks the runoff will make this a monsterous place to be.

Here's our intrepid photographer, right on the edge (very scary), getting the shot.

Unfortunately, right after he took this shot, a gust of wind blew him over the side. You could hear his screams all the way down. Too bad, he was a great friend and good camp wife. More Black Box pics...

After following the river for what seemed like miles (1/2 mile?), I worried about getting out and back to the truck. The problem was finding a wash that would lead me back to the Mexican Mt. road. I only had a vague idea where I was, close to Mexican Mt. itself, and a few landmarks to follow. So I headed away from the Black Box. Amazingly, I found Rodney... he'd rescued himself, and, as I saw when we got back to the road, we were very close to where the river resurfaces and where he was able to get out. And, he kept his camera dry!

To celebrate, I took some pics of wild flowers. No blooming cactus, yet, just buds...

I recognized the point where we hit the road, coming up the wash (follow the cow shit, says Rod), and soon we were back to the truck. Then back to the camp for a well deserved beer!

I've been to this area of the San Rafael many times, now. I keep thinking I'll get bored, and should move on to another part. But then I find more canyons to explore, more things to discover. Can't wait for the next trip down here.

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