Drinking in the Desert Part 1

Quite a weekend down in the San Rafael, although tragedy struck early. Just after arrival, I looked in my cooler and realized I'd forgotten my tequila. An unpardonable sin! I'll never live it down. Fortunately, Harry came to my rescue, and we spent early Saturday afternoon doing what all good desert campers do... drink! (the Modello was quite good as well!). As usual, click on the pics for a bigger image.

We were soon joined by others, and a 12 year old Chivas.

As one would expect with afternoon drinking (and, I suspect, other substance abuse), things got a little weird... (Don't ask...)

At some point, we returned to reality and decided that survival dictated a wood run. The weather was cold, with a steady breeze adding to the wind chill. A big fire was needed. So off we went, down the road quite a ways... and new adventures... see next post (or previous post, depending on how you read this blog)

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