Show Me the Way to Go Home

We knew the way, a couple ways... we decided to take the main road from the San Rafael bridge on south, hit I-70, and zoom over to Salina and eat at Mom's. So here's some features as we drove down the road (Bottleneck Peak, above... and you know how to get larger sizes...).

The section of I-70 through the San Rafael Swell is probably one of the most amazing and beautiful stretches of freeway in the country. There are several view areas, each one with a fascinating view of desert canyons and features (as well as good deals on Indian jewelry). Stop at all of them if you ever drive across this stretch.

We made it to Mom's, where we heard that Osama had bought the farm, and Obama was now a hero to America. Well, I don't know, good riddance to bad trash on one hand, but they should have captured him alive... I'm headed to Europe and am now just a bit worried about Islamic whackos.

Anyway, we gorged on Mom's chicken fried steak, and put on all the calories we burned off hiking, plus some. Then we fell asleep at the wheel on the way home, crashed off the freeway, and were never heard from again... the end.. (until next season when we will return with all new episodes).

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