Drinking in the Desert Part 2

This group campout was the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration (a few days early). A recent tradition is the Saturday evening cocktail party, although our usual hosts, Marsha and Bobby D., DID NOT SHOW UP! (may they be cursed forever...). But, on with the show... Jane and Wraye hosted this year and did a bang up job. And the treats were great! The cold weather discouraged the usual "formal" wear, but a few folks got into it anyway...

Most of us fought the wind and managed supper, then off to the fire for some music and more drinking. Unfortunately, my fingers were too cold to work the camera, so no shots of people falling in the fire, hurling, or anything else embarrassing... But then, things really were mellowed by the weather, so most of us had an early bed time, the sleeping bags were compelling.

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