The Big Apple

After 40 years, I've made it back to New York City. Amazing place, filled with tourists, and crazy crowded as hell... but somehow fun beyond belief. And I could walk the streets for weeks just staring at tall buildings... and what is so great, such a mix of modern and classical stylings (particularly lots of art deco touches)... so a bunch of tall buildings!: (click for larger images)

Sacks on 5th Avenue:

The entrance to Bergoff-Goodman:

A great on the 5th Ave. sidewalk:

Rockefeller Plaza:

Trump tower:

Of course, in the Big Apple, the big Apple store, unfortunately undergoing renovation at this time:

Some sort of macabre museum:

Times Square:

And, not tall, but classic... and my favorite, the New York City Library...

Inside, very beautiful, and more tourists than patrons. Outside, a hot babe... too bad the SLC library doesn't have a few similar statues outside its main entrance.

Just a very small sampling... now off on a cruise up the East Coast.

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