The Big Cruise--Saint John

I have to admit... Saint John did not impress me much. Maybe it was the drizzly weather, but the town seemed dingy, and hurting... a fishing village without fish. The historic area of Victorian houses had some nice examples, but wasn't that great... Lunch wasn't very good and the local beer was disappointing as well. Or maybe I had a bad day... Anyway, I do have pics, and maybe in retrospect Saint John will improve in my mind.

First, a few old churches, one of which was up for sale...

Now for some of the better Victorian homes I found.

There was a good effort going on to update the downtown area with a couple nicely done, interconnected, indoor malls and an extensive indoor farmer's market. However, this left a couple classic buildings partially empty.

So I wasn't sad to leave this place. I'm sure it is more interesting than I've indicated in this post. And the Bay of Fundy is certainly beautiful. Someday, given the chance, I'll try Saint John again.

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