The Big Cruise--Boston

The big fucking boat cruised into Boston. Suddenly we had a zillion possible things to do, and we didn't know what to do! Finally, Miriam decided on the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum, which was a beautiful if curious place... but didn't have any art after about 1400... We didn't know at the time that this museum was involved in the biggest art heist in history (do a web search... a zillion entries). But we didn't stay long, and, after passing Fenway Park...

...it was off to the Quincy Market downtown for lunch and cheap thrills (see punk Houdini below).

We had to be back on the BFB kinda early, but as we left the dock, we passed some cool stuff. First, Logan International Airport (and a scary tourist boat).

The Boston docks area fascinated me (as usual... cranes and boats and storage (check the symmetry of the grain elevators)... commerce on a crazed level).

Then there was this fort protecting the entrance to the harbor.

Then goodbye to Boston.

A couple lighthouses, and out to sea.

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