Europe's Greatest Bridge

Or, as we now call it, the $1000 bridge.  This beautiful, graceful structure must have cost zillions to build, but probably cost us $1000 to drive over.

This bridge is called the Millau Viaduct.  I've seen pictures over the years and knew I had to see it in person and experience the drive across it.  So while in France, we decided to take a road trip to the Aveyron and Ardeche departments in Southern France.  And what an experience!  After passing over the bridge, we stayed in a wonderful Chateau (more later) with room views of the bridge all night long (even from the tub!).  Here's more pics:

Then, in a fit of practicality, we started to add up the costs to cruise over this bridge:  car rental, meals, hotels, tolls, gas, etc.   Probably around $1000 to check off this item on our bucket list!  But what a bridge!  (And, of course, the road trip produced many more wonderful experiences which I hope to get to in this blog as I review my many photos and remembrances).

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