Some Euro Libraries Pt. 1

I have a fascination with library buildings.  They are often very modern structures or wonderfully preserved classic buildings, or even no buildings at all.  And, in Europe, more accurately, Bibliotechs, or something like that.

These three pics are from Utrecht, a major city in the Netherlands (and old; originally the capitol of the Catholic Church in the Netherlands).

Here's a modern library form Ijselstein, a small town outside of Utrecht.  Curiously, the library shares space with a bank.  I wonder how all that works.

Outside on the grounds is the monkey fountain...  a long story from the town's past.

And from an even smaller town where we stopped for lunch, we found this library attached to a local bar...  good idea!

Back to Utrecht, we visited their wonderful train museum, located in the old station house.  Beautifully preserved, with it's own library...

Have fun reading!

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