Art at the Library

A different sort of post from me. This concerns Miriam's Uncle Maurice. He's well on in his years and still quite spry, and during his time, he's done some wonderful pen and ink drawings of houses of worship. Originally, he focused on his Morman heritage and drew interesting old wards as well as the standard LDS institutions. But as he traveled the world, he began drawing the famous cathedrals and churches from the countries he visited. These drawings were his hobby, and they are quite good... incredible detail.

Miriam had collected the smaller card versions of these drawings, and finally thought that the originals should find an exhibition space. With a little technical help from me, she submitted examples to the SLC public library, and the application was accepted. Quite a surprise for Maurice and his family. As a result, everyone in the family is on board and excited about this exhibition. Starting the 17th of May and running for four weeks, these pen and ink drawings will be on display at the Sprague Branch in Sugarhouse. Check it out... they really are wonderful.

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haroldcarr said...

Does he have one of the church on the hill in Prague? I'd love to see it if so.