Lost Clowboy Desert

Over the past few years, I've ripped out my front lawn replacing it with boulder terracing, desert gravel ground cover, cactus and other drought tolerant foliage. My former renter also did a section in flowers, primarily California poppies. Lots of June rain this year has caused the whole "desert" to go crazy.

The cactus are blooming, several colors of blooms. The poppies have taken over, somewhat worrisome, but beautiful. And the yucca is getting ready...

The parking strip was planted last, so is still developing. But the sage plants are looking good. There's also a datura plant that really goes nuts. Huge by July. And beautiful blossoms at night, hiding during the day.

I don't know how other people in the neighborhood feel, but I love it. Utah is a desert, so I feel urban landscaping should reflect that.

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