Saturday Night in Lyon

We are supposed to blow it out on Saturday night, I guess. But the geezer in us took over, so we opted for a quiet dinner on our street. I've got some pics from our window (la tour, the tower) at dusk, just before we left to eat.

As I've mentioned, the Rue de Juverie is only a block long and quite narrow.

So we decided to try this little restaurant run by two young women. At 8:30 pm, we were the only customers (finally, about 10:30 pm, another group arrived... the dining habits of the French still amaze me!). The pichet of vin blanc was very good for "house" wine. The food was prepared simply, without all the sauces we've had in previous meals. But the cod and salmon were excellent, and we appreciated the simplicity for a change. Best of all was the cream of asparagus soup, with thing slices of sauted ham. Unbelievable! They also prepared us salade verte, a simple green salad with very tasty miniture tomatoes. And desert was yet another chocolate freak out, maybe the best yet.

We finished dinner in a record 2 hours! Home "early" for censored activities and attempted sleep, late night party drinkers did keep us awake, their laughter echoing along the street.

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