Amsterdam Cruise

Yeah, I've broken the sound barrier on a bullet train and am now in Paris, but there's more about Amsterdam to post. Miriam's conference arranged a harbor cruise for us on the Prins Van Oranje, complete with dinner and lots of wine.

Here's some cool buildings we cruised by...

Found one of the Greenpeace boats...

I've always been fascinated by the commerce that takes place in harbors. That includes loading and unloading, so here are some cool cranes (?...!)

Finally, yet another windmill...

Haven't seen any real wind farms in Holland, the wind generators seem to come in singles or widely spaced small groups of 4-6. But each one is huge!

One more post from the Amsterdam area coming up. Then some pics from Paris. I'm falling behind. I think the bullet train zipped through some time warp, and I've lost track of the days.

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