Vieux Lyon

Once again, we stayed at La Tour in Vieux Lyon, the same place we stayed on my last trip here. Here are some new shots of some unique areas we found on this trip. The first few are from the top of a stairwell down into Vieux Lyon.

And a stairway and wall section from this historical area...

I also took Miriam to my favorite museum in the world, the Gallo-Roman museum. While the exhibits are really neat (especially the presentation of the tiled mural of Baccus on the black panther), it's the design of the museum, external and internal, that fascinates me.

Leaving the museum, I took a shot of another communications tower, the main broadcast point overlooking Lyon.

Then we wandered through the gardens of Fouviere.

Getting back into Vieux Lyon, we took a well deserved rest near this street guitarist, who played very good classical music on his instrument. The nearby restaurant staff would bring him an occasional beer, and we chipped in a Euro or two... we got our money's worth.

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