Sports in Paris

Walking through the grounds of the Invalides, we found a few cool "sporting" events going on. First was rollerblade dancing. Not that big of a deal, except when you consider they did their moves along a straight line of 20+ tiny cones. I filmed a little Quicktime movie of this, available here... (I don't do YouTube...).

Further along, we found old guys playing with their metal balls. Not sure what they call this, a French variation on bocce ball, but there were several groups of older men playing this... and they were very good. I especially liked the little chains with magnets that picked up the balls so the old guys didn't have to bend over.


Anonymous said...

The game of boules, otherwise known as pétanque , is perhaps the sport that is closest to French hearts. Similar to British lawn bowling or Italian bocce , the French version is traditionally played with metallic balls on a dirt surface beneath plane trees, with a glass of pastis at hand. The local boulodrome is a social focal point in southern France.

Sherm Clow said...

Also found bottles of wine and other spirits with very thick bottoms. Keeps the bottles stable on the ground while the players continue with their game.