Another Lyon River Walk

Miriam had meetings all day, so I decided to walk the Saone in another direction. I had to work off lots of calories garnered from all the butter and bacon in French cooking. No wonder the food in Lyon is so good... lots of fat! The croissants are incredible, and so light... almost like eating liquid butter. So after a typical breakfast, it was off on the walk.

I decided to climb through a sewer... an ancient pathway up through the apartment buildings to a road above Vieux Lyon. As I made my way through, I heard some great jazz coming from an open window... so I knew I was on the right path.

At the top, I found this modern house mixed in with the traditional. There are a few examples of this. The modern structures are reasonably well done and almost fit in with the older buildings.

And down the street I found lunch... Mexican food!

Finally I made the river. Much of Lyon is made up of the old, and then the older. Across the river, I found these historic battlements.

My walk took me to an area of Lyon I'd never seen before. Similar old world architecture, not quite as nice as the main part of Lyon, but just as lively. A couple building examples (I think Bukowski must have stayed in this hotel).

I found these happy sheep grazing in the middle of a major intersection.

I crossed the river at this ancient bridge.

My return gave me great views of the grand architecture of Lyon. What wonderful buildings! I want to live in each and every one of them.

After the walk, I decided I deserved a beer. While hanging out in the cafe, Les Africaines walked by. I wonder where they shop for clothes...

Tomorrow we do a walking tour of the silk district.

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