A Meeting at the Rivers

While Miriam was at her conference, I decided to explore the current status of the Lyon Confluence. The central part of Lyon, the Presquille, is an area between the Saone and Rhone rivers, which meet at a point called, of course, the Confluence. In the past, this area was quite industrial, with docks, rail yards, warehouses, and even prisons. There's been a huge effort to completely renovate this area, with parks, condos, business buildings, and museums. Much has been done, but the project won't be finished until 2020.

The walk along the Saone was quite interesting in the sense that one one side, rising on a bluff following the river, are many old instances of the original Roman occupation of the area, and more recent historical structures. Check these out.

And on the other side of the river, approaching the Confluence, one finds very modern structures, as Phase 1 of the area's reconstruction nears completion. Below are way too many photos of condos, but I love the design of these housing units. I want to live in each of them. Architects gone mad!

There's also the Place de Nautique... I'm not sure what purpose this structure will have, perhaps multipurpose. Here's a couple pics, plus one of a cool looking, nearby, office building.

I didn't quite make it to the actual point of confluence, too much construction and the rail yards kept me at a distance. This area is the next stage of renovation... here are some of the old warehouses.

And one more... at least I thought this was an old, abandoned warehouse since it was adjacent to the others, but on closer look, I think this is a very new building... wild!

On the map of the area is the Musee des Confluences, the most amazing building of them all... it's only a concept at this point, I understand cost issues and construction problems have delayed the creation... I think I understand why...

Walking back, I found this cool "house" boat on the river (more of a house barge, very common on the rivers of Europe).

Also on the way back, I had to pass under a major freeway section near the train station, a more downtrodden area, slightly seedy. I found this bar and immediately thought "Harry Sellers"!

Kind of a cool pic... Blonde Tornado, indeed...

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