Street Art in Lyon

Lyon is famous for its building sized murals scattered across the city. These murals are so realistic, one does a double take before realizing the scene is paint, not real. It's such fun to run into one of these. Here's a couple I found this trip.

Here's some closeups from the large scene, including the guy who painted it.

Then's there is the other form of street art... graffiti. Like any large city, Lyon is not immune to this crap, which unfortunately scars some of the classic architecture of the city. Sometimes I wish I could catch one of these taggers and jam his can of spray paint up his ass and explode it. On the other hand, once in awhile, found in somewhat more appropriate locations, are examples of graffiti that do approach art.

Maybe these guys should go into designing bedrooms.

Finally, for the kids and the kid in all of us, the classic carousel found in a central square in dowtown Lyon. Another form of street art.

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