Silk and Lyon

We were offered a guided tour of the Croix-Rousse area of Lyon ("the hill that works"). This is an area famous in the past for its silk workers (canuts), and their famous workers revolts in past centuries (the silk workers were one of the first "unions"). Above is a view of Lyon from the hill. The tour took us through many passageways and open areas (traboules) surrounded by the apartments formerly used by the silk workers. Here's a historical description (click on the pick and expand if necessary to read).

Here's on of the stairwells, hard to get it all in. Also a pic of the "outdoor" toilets for the apartments, one for each floor, and, finally, a street view.

This area was also popular with the French Resistance during WWII, since it was easy to escape through the myriad passageways.

We also found another of the famous Lyon murals. Here's the building, and some detail shots.

Finally, a romantic couple... the sap does rise in the spring...

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