Boozing with the Academics in Lyon

Miriam had another conference in Lyon, with academics from many countries. Featured was a big gala which cost me 60E to join in, and I was determined to get my Euro's worth... Lots of very good white and red wine, so I went for it.

The gala was held in an old, classically styled, church now converted to a reception hall. Pretty fabulous.

And a decent jazz duo provided the music (although the hall swallowed the sound pretty much).

At our table was a young Cuban woman, pretty sharp, but limited English, so I couldn't get into politics. Interesting... she was wearing a Rolex, a very nice dress, jewelry, and perfect nails. Not my image of a modern day Cuban... perhaps it was her Brazilian boyfriend and the fact they were living in Spain. Money gets around... even in the Revolution.

And here's the happy couple... damn fine wine...

Also at our table was a trio of Brazilian women. The one holding the wine bottle was very fun, she made the evening. I hope she does send me the original novel for Donna Flor and Her Two Husbands.

We made it back to our apartment just in time for the last of the lunar eclipse.

But there's always Fouvier above us... providing a romantic blessing.

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